Improve your technique and create better videos

Stabilize Your Camera: A stable shot is crucial for creating professional-looking footage. This will help you maintain a consistent depth and reduce camera shake.

Master the Video Light: Colors are lost at depth. Learn how to bring back all the colors and make your footage more vibrant.

Improve Your Settings Knowledge: Understanding speed, aperture, and ISO is essential for adjusting your camera settings appropriately when changing depth. 

Refresh Your Editing Skills: We’ll show you the latest features and remind you of the basics so that you can create stunning videos.


Join us for an exciting and educational day of diving and capturing the beauty of Bali’s underwater world. You will learn to take stunning videos of marine life and scenery and how to edit the best clips. The course starts at 8:00 and ends at 17:00, so prepare for a full day of fun and adventure.

Theory first

We’ll begin by exploring some theoretical concepts for an hour and then map out our plan for the day.

Diving Amed or Tulamben

Then 2 dives on the best dive sites. We will choose a wide-angle or macro dive site depending on your goals

Editing and reviewing

After lunch, we'll spend time reviewing the images and editing it. We will also set goals for the next session

Underwater Video Refresh

Refresh Your Underwater Video Skills Bali

Bali is a scuba diver’s and underwater videographer’s paradise, with some of the most beautiful coral reefs and marine life in the world. To capture the beauty of the underwater world, it’s essential to have the right skills and equipment. Underwater videography is a unique art form that requires a combination of technical skills and creativity.

If you’re an underwater videographer, you know how important it is to keep your skills up-to-date. Refreshing your underwater video skills will help you improve your technique, stay up-to-date with technology, and enhance your creativity. If you haven’t dived in a long time, we’ll help you to get back on track. After a couple of days with us you’ll be ready to edit the best video on your holiday. Then you can enjoy our private spotters and capture great images.

Join our award-winning underwater videographer. The course is tailor made and you can choose the topics you will refresh and learn with us. We’re here to help!

Enhancing Your Creativity

Refresh Your Underwater Video Skills Bali will help you enhance your creativity and create more engaging videos. Here are some tips to help you enhance your creativity:

  • Experiment with composition and camera position: Experiment with different angles, lighting, and camera movements to create unique shots. We’ll help you remember the composition rules.
  • Tell a Story:  We’ll help you create a story or theme for your video to make it more engaging. Isn’t telling a story the whole point of making videos?
  • Use Music: Use music to set the mood for your video. The rhythm of your video will help you to vehiculate feelings to your audience

Join us for an unforgettable day of adventure and learning with our refreshing course! We’ll pick you up at your hotel at 8:00 AM and start the day with an invigorating discussion to determine the topics we’ll cover. After a brief theory session, we’ll embark on two thrilling dives to explore Bali’s stunning underwater world. We’ll take a break for lunch at our dive center before diving back into the action. In the afternoon, we’ll review and edit the footage of the day, providing you with valuable feedback on how to improve your skills. With a couple of tailor-made sessions, you’ll be ready to capture the best Bali has to offer! And don’t forget, once the refresh is done, our private spotters will be on hand to help you capture all the highlights of your adventure in Bali.

Here is what our guests think about us

Martin Steiner
Martin Steiner
My wife did a Underwater photo course with Jerome. All was very well organized in a very relaxed way and the results were incredible. Before photos were average but after 1 full day of training the quality and level of interest in her Makro photos improved to a absolute "I love to see her photos level. After being back in Bali I told her to do another training and it was worth it as well. Highly recommended !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mayanah z
mayanah z
Très belle expérience mémorable avec Jérôme et son équipe. Beaucoup de partage et de générosité ! Jérôme a été adorable et professionnel. Passionné, à l'écoute, pédagogue, réactif, il s'applique à personnaliser la théorie et la pratique selon les demandes et besoins, et transmet copieusement son savoir et ses techniques (et même des photos bonus en plus =)). Le tout dans une ambiance parfaite. Je conseille de faire plusieurs jours à ses côtés afin de pouvoir pleinement profiter de l'apprentissage et parvenir à une bonne maîtrise durable pour votre pratique, photo comme vidéo. Merci pour tous ces moments et a très vite ! Plouf ! Maria
Jean Metzler
Jean Metzler
Je recommande fortement et sans hésitation les services et cours de Jérome, surtout si vous êtes débutant ou si vous voulez vous perfectionner en photographie ou video sous marine. Merci Jérome 🙏🙏
bruno transcript
bruno transcript
Merci Jérôme pour tout tes conseils avisés. Depuis 10 ans c'est toujours enrichissant de passer sous l'oeil critique d'un expert. Merci de nous tirer par le haut. Amicalement
Sylvain Veron
Sylvain Veron
Merci à Jérôme pour ce cours photo où j’ai appris beaucoup de chose qui m’ont permis de progresser. Je recommande vivement.
Clem 32
Clem 32
J'ai passé 5 jours avec Jérôme pour effectuer un stage de photographie sous-marine... et quelle rencontre ! Quelle expérience ! Jérôme est très pédagogue, avec une approche graduelle adaptée pour un débutant en prises de vues sous-marines comme moi. Il m'a transmis les fondamentaux pour obtenir des clichés optimaux. J'ai été étonné de ma progression rapide effectuée à ses côtés. J'ai été très content des résultats obtenus ! Alors, que vous soyez débutant ou pas en photo/vidéo subaquatique, foncez chez Plouf Diving avec Jérôme pour vous former !
Max JU
Max JU
if u want to learn photo or video graphy this is the place tp learn.. )) the owner of dive shop really friendly and helpfulll
Lúcia Pinto
Lúcia Pinto
Absolutely recommend! I had an a amazing time with Jerome and his team. There was great technical advise and I loved all my dives in Amed and Tulamben. Everything is very well organized. Don't hesitate!!